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Basic Sequence of Play

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This is Auroras basic sequence of play for each Time Interval:

  • NPR movement orders
  • Check Conditional Orders: If any conditions are met, immediately create the associated order at the top of the order list.
Movement Phase
This section repeats a number of times equal to the number of movement sub-pulses. This may just be one sub-pulse for the whole increment or many sub-pulses. If an event is generated during a sub-pulse, that becomes the last sub-pulse and the time for the increment is reduced accordingly.
  • Fleets Move: Including Orbiting Fleets, Normal Fleets and Escorting Fleets in that order.
  • Fighter Groups Move\Reload (remaining rearm time is reduced)
  • Monsters Move (including all non-NPR Computer Opponents)
  • Missile Salvos move: Including intercept, point blank point defence and damage allocation\planetary bombardment.
  • Sensor Update (all sensors are checked for new contacts)

End of Movement Sub-pulses

  • Check Primary Special Orders (If a fleet has no move orders, its primary special orders are checked )
  • Check Secondary Special Orders ( If a fleet still has no move orders, its secondary special orders are checked )
  • Damage Control takes place
Fire Phase
  • Weapons are recharged or reloaded
  • Shields are recharged
  • Point Defence in area mode is assigned targets. (After automatic area fire there is automatic AMM launches)
  • All ships fire (or launch missiles), including NPRs/Spoilers, before all energy weapon damage is assessed.
  • Planets launch missiles
  • Fighters launch missiles
  • Combat results from energy weapons are applied

End of Fire Phase

  • Boarding combat
Construction Cycle
This only takes place within a 5-day increment i.e. if a sufficient number of seconds has passed since the last Construction Cycle aka
  • Population Growth
  • Check Available Workers: The distribution of workers within all populations is checked and any shortages affect efficiency.
  • Orbital Movement
  • Check Life Pods: any lifepods that have exhausted their endurance are removed.
  • Comet Motion
  • Provide Foreign Aid
  • Update Wealth
  • Update Trade
  • Maintenance Check
  • Update Sol System Disaster,
  • Resource Extraction
  • NPR Population Planning
  • Shipyard Activity (improving shipyards)
  • Shipbuilding
  • Ground Unit Training
  • Genetic Modification
  • Production (construction, fighter, ordnance factories)
  • Research Projects
  • Missile Geo Survey
  • New Ships for Shipping Lines Checked
  • Check for New Shipping Lines
  • Check for New Civilian Mining Colonies
  • Check for expansion of CMC
  • Crew Training
  • Unrest Update
  • Update to Political Status of Occupied Colonies
  • Mass Drivers
  • Recovery from Ruins
  • Update Teams
  • Reduce Radiation
  • Readiness Recovery
  • Combat Load Fatigue
  • Check Crew Morale
  • Ground Combat
  • Update List of Systems that need sensor checks
  • Diplomacy
  • Check Commander Health
  • Check Commander Assignments
  • Check Fuel
  • Reduce Danger Ratings
  • NPR Colony Creation
  • Update Industrial Reactivation
  • Wormhole Moves

End of Construction Cycle

  • Update Time
  • Update Economics, Events and System Map if loaded.


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