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C-Research Changes

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Basic Changes

Logistics and Ground Combat Research

Due to the increase in Logistics techs for C# Aurora and the planned revamp of ground combat design, the Logistics / Ground Combat research field will be split into two separate fields. There are now nine research fields in total. Date 23.09.2017

Research Changes


Genetic Enhancement

Infantry units can be given capabilities, known as Genetic Enhancement, which increase their hit points and make them more resistant to damage. So far there are three options:

  • Basic Genetic Enhancement: RP 5,000, HP x 1.25, Cost x 1.5
  • Improved Genetic Enhancement: RP 10,000, HP x 1.6, Cost x 2.0
  • Advanced Genetic Enhancement: RP 20,000, HP x 2, Cost x 2.5

Once researched, the new capabilities can by chosen from the available capabilities list during ground combat design. These are all Biology/Genetics techs and the first in the sequence can be researched following Genome Sequence Research.

Date 11.01.2019


The base terraforming technologies have their atm rates reduced by 75% at the lower tech levels. The rate of tech increase has improved so the higher tech levels are reduced by around 60%. The starting racial tech rate per module/installation is 0.00025 atm per year. Date 02.03.2019


Maximum Orbital Mining Diameter

Each race has a new tech line called Maximum Orbital Mining Diameter.

The starting tech is 100 km and each additional tech increases the size of the body that can be mined (125 km, 160 km, etc.). The tech line finishes at 500 km. Any system body, including asteroids, comets, moons and small dwarf planets, that falls within this diameter can be mined using Orbital Mining Modules. This does mean that some asteroids will be too large for orbital mining. Date 17.11.2018

Stabilise Jump Point Module Research

For C# Aurora, Jump Gates have been replaced by Stabilised Jump Points. This is purely a technobabble change and there is no change in function.

Anything associated with VB6 Jump Gates will be changed accordingly. For example, Jump Gate Construction Modules have been replaced with Jump Point Stabilisation Modules and the Build Jump Gate order is now Stabilise Jump Point. Date 23.06.2018

Wealth Generation Tech

Each 1 million workers produces a baseline 100 wealth per annum, although this can be improved by a new Wealth Generation tech line that replaces the VB6 Civilian Economy tech. This wealth is generated regardless of whether the installation to which the workers are assigned is currently building or producing anything. Wealth Generation tech starts with 120 wealth per million workers for 3000 RP, then 140 for 5000 RP, etc..

Date 31.01.2019

Defensive Systems

Conventional Armour Techs and Duranium Armour

The new ground combat rules provide the opportunity to simulate current ground forces, such as tanks, artillery, etc. However, the single conventional armour tech does not provide any granularity to show the different between different generations of armour. Therefore the current Conventional Armour tech is replaced by three new techs. I have also slightly reduced the capability of Duranium Armour and increased the research cost to create a more graduated progression and give conventional forces some chance against the first generation of TN vehicles.

High Density Duranium and above remain the same. Duranium Armour becomes available, regardless of current armour tech, once Trans-Newtonian Technology is researched.

Here are the first six armour techs as they now stand:

Date 28.07.2018

Max Shield Generator Size

A new tech line has been added for maximum shield generator size. The starting tech is 10 HS and there are seven further steps from 12 to 50 with RP costs between 2000 RP and 120,000 RP. Date 27.05.2017

Energy Weapons

Meson Armour Retardation

A new tech line exists, Meson Armour Retardation, which is the chance for each layer of armour to stop the meson. This starts at 50%, then 40%, 32%, etc. finishing at 7% for TL 12 Date 28.12.2018

Particle Lance

Once Particle Beam Range 200,000 km and Particle Beam Strength 6 have both been researched, the Particle Lance can be researched for 30,000 RP. Date 19.05.2017

Plasma Carronade Size

The development cost of Plasma Carronade focal size has been halved. For example, a 30cm Carronade is now 4000 RP. Date 18.05.2017

Ground Combat


With the new Ground Combat concept in C# the old Ground Unit Techs are gone. Instead individuell Ground Unit Classes and Components are researched.

Ground Forces Construction Rate

The build rate for the Ground Forces Construction Complex starts at 250 BP per year and can be increased through research. For example, 500 BP per year is 8000 Research Points and 1000 BP per year is 60,000 Research points. Date 20.10.2018


Cargo Handling Systems

Cargo Handling systems (including Improved) have been removed. Date 10.12.2017

Cargo Shuttle Bay

Cargo Handling Systems have been replaced by Cargo Shuttle Bays. They function in a similar way, although they are larger (10 HS) and more expensive.

All races start with conventional shuttles available for their cargo shuttle bays and stations. Conventional shuttles do not reduce loading time but do enable cargo deliveries to planets without Spaceports or Cargo Shuttle Stations. Three levels of advancement in shuttle technology are available:

  • 1) TN Shuttles (5000 RP): This reduces loading time by 2 per bay (so two bays means speed reduced by 4, three bays means speed reduced by 6).
  • 2) Improved Shuttles (15,000 RP): Reduces loading time by 3 per bay.
  • 3) Advanced Shuttles (40,000 RP): Reduces loading time by 5 per bay.

All bays and stations use the new shuttles once they are available. Date 10.12.2017

Maintenance Capacity

Each maintenance facility or maintenance module has a basic capacity of 1000 tons. A new tech line exists that can raise this capacity in increments, starting with 1250 capacity for 2000 RP. The 2000 ton capacity is at 8,000 RP and the max is currently 6250 tons at 250,000 RP. Date 27.01.2019

Ordnance Transfer Hub

An Ordnance Transfer Hub can be mounted on a ship. It is a commercial system with a research cost of 10,000 RP, build cost of 2400 BP and a size of 100,000 tons. Date 17.09.2017

Ordnance Transfer Systems

A new technology line - Ordnance Transfer Systems - provides the basis of the rate of ordnance transfer and allows ships to mount systems to transfer ordnance to or from other ships. The baseline system (Ordnance Transfer System: 40 MSP per Hour) sets the racial ordnance transfer rate at 40 MSP per hour and allows the use of the first ship-mounted Ordnance Transfer System. There are ten further steps in the tech progression with the highest tech system allowing ordnance transfer at 400 MSP per hour.

A ship with an Ordnance Transfer System can transfer ordnance to or from a single ship at once, so it will take some time to replenish a whole fleet, although this will improve with higher technology. At the early tech levels, the Ordnance Transfer System can only be used if both ships (collier and target ship) are both stationary. Date 17.09.2017

Ordnance Transfer Underway Replenishment

At the early tech levels, the Ordnance Transfer System can only be used if both ships (collier and target ship) are both stationary. Underway Replenishment allows the transfer to take place while both ships are in the same fleet and underway. Priorities can be set for the ordnance transfer order when multiple ships are involved. The first Underway Replenishment tech allows ordnance transfer at 20% of the normal rate (2500 RP), rising to 100% with the highest tech (40,000 RP). Date 17.09.2017

Refuelling Hub

A Refuelling Hub can be mounted on a ship. It is a commercial system with a research cost of 10,000 RP, build cost of 2400 BP and a size of 100,000 tons. Date 20.07.2017

Refulling System

A new technology line - Refuelling Systems - provides the basis of the rate of refuelling and allows ships to mount systems to refuel other ships. The baseline system (Refuelling System: 50,000 LPH) sets the racial refuelling rate at 50,000 litres per hour and allows the use of the first ship-mounted Refuelling System. There are ten further steps in the tech progression with the highest tech system allowing refuelling at 500,000 litres per hour. Date 20.07.2017

Refuel Underway Replenishment

Underway Replenishment allows the refuelling to take place while both ships are in the same fleet and underway. Priorities can be set for the refuelling order when multiple ships are involved. The first Underway Replenishment tech allows refuelling at 20% of the normal rate (2500 RP), rising to 100% with the highest tech (40,000 RP). Date 20.07.2017

Missiles/Kinetic Weapons

Commercial Magazines

I've added a non-military magazine to C# Aurora. There are two versions; one with 100 capacity and one with 500 capacity.

In general terms they are cheaper but less efficient in terms of space then military magazines. Also, they have a 100% explosion chance if hit, so don't apply for a job on a commercial ammunition transport :)

  • Commercial Magazine - Capacity 100, Size 12, Cost 25, Crew 5, HTK 1, RP 2000
  • Commercial Magazine - Capacity 500, Size 50, Cost 100, Crew 20, HTK 1, RP 5000

Date 19.07.2017

Fighter Pods

Fighter Pods are created on the Missile Design window. The various pod options, such as bombardment pod, autocannon pod and air-to air pod, will appear when the requisite technology has been researched. Date 22.09.2018]

Laser Warheads

Laser Warheads have been removed Date 11.06.2017

Magazine Neutralisation System

The 'ejection' tech line has been replaced by the Magazine Neutralisation System. It is functionally identical but in technobabble terms this is a system design to render missile warheads permanently inert in the event of damage to the magazine. Date 24.03.2018

Missile ECM

The 'Missile ECM' tech line has been removed and if a missile is equipped with ECM it will have the same ECM capability as the current racial ECM technology. Date 11.06.2017

Reduced Size Launchers

The reduced-size launcher techs are all available immediately and do not need to be researched. Date 28.07.2018

Power and Propulsion

Max Engine Size

A new Maximum Engine Size tech progression has been added. The starting max engine size is 25 HS. The research progression is 40 HS, 60 HS, 100 HS, 160 HS, 250 HS and 400 HS, with the costs ranging from 2,000 RP to 60,000 RP. Date 14.05.2017

Maximum Engine Power Modifier

The research costs for the Maximum Engine Power Modifier line of technology have all been halved. The Minimum Power Modifier line of technology remains at the VB6 research costs. Date 05.01.2019

Power Plant Boost

The additional boost provided by the "Power Plant Boost" technology line provides double the previous bonus, with lower research costs and slightly higher explosion chances. This is intended for smaller ships that are short on space. The updated tech line provides between 10% and 100% additional boost with research costs between 500 RP and 30,000 RP. Date 20.05.2017

Sensor and Fire Controle

ELINT Research

A new concept in C# Aurora is ELINT, or Electronic Intelligence Gathering. This is performed by a new line of ship components, the Electronic Intelligence and Analysis Modules. These start at strength 5 and follow a similar strength progression to EM Sensors. One of the prerequisites for each module is the corresponding EM Sensor strength technology. Date 09.09.2018


Commercial Hangars

Commercial hangars are available in C# Aurora. They are 50% larger than military hangar bays (size 32), have the same cost of 100 BP and the same crew requirement (15).

They are intended for transport of other commercial vessels, temporary transport of military vessels, reloading of box launchers and for repairing ships. With this in mind, a military ship still has normal maintenance requirements while in a civilian hangar. Date 19.07.2017

Population Tech

A new concept, Population Capacity, has been added to C# Aurora. This represents the maximum population that can be maintained on a single body and is primarily determined by surface area. This is the total of all populations on the same body, not per population.

Therefore, I am going to use twelve billion as the baseline max capacity for an Earth-sized planet and four billion as the point at which growth rates are affected. Growth will follow the normal rules for up to 1/3rd of max capacity and then will fall off at a linear rate, hitting zero growth at max capacity (replicating the situation on Earth). The max capacity of a body will be equal to: (Surface Area / Earth Surface Area) * twelve billion. I will add some tech options to improve that capacity, particularly for smaller bodies. Date 21.01.2017

Tech Recovery and Salvaging Tech

Recovering Technology from Ruins

In order to prevent unbalancing tech advancements occurring while excavating very large ruins, the maximum tech advancement you can achieve from recovering abandoned installations will be based on the tech level of the ruin race. The max development cost of any associated tech will be:

(2 ^ (Ruin Race Level + 1)) * 1000;

This means a level 1 ruin race will have tech up to 4000 RP, a level 2 race up to 8000 RP, etc. with the maximum being a level 5 race with tech up to 64,000 RP.

When standard components are selected for recovery (such as gravitational survey sensors), they will be the best available component within the above limit. If no component of the specified type is available within the limit (for example when the random selection is a 5000 RP Asteroid Mining Module for a level 1 race), nothing will be recovered. 26.08.2017