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C-Shipyard Tasks

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Continual Capacity Upgrade Target

In C#, you can set a target capacity when using the Continual Capacity Upgrade shipyard task. The upgrade will end when it reaches that target capacity. Date 09.11.2018

Shipbuilding Changes

1) You can't refit a damaged ship.

2) Scrapping/Deleting is much more intelligent about moving commanders, teams and ground units from a ship to the scrapping population (in case you accidentally scrap or delete a ship with them on board). Fuel, maintenance and ordnance are also automatically unloaded.

3) When a ship undergoes refit, fuel, maintenance and ordnance are moved from (or to) the refitting population to account for the differences post-refit. Date 03.07.2016

Repair Task in Shipyards Window

When selecting the repair task in the shipyards window, only classes / ships needing repair and currently in orbit will be displayed. In VB6 Aurora, all classes / ships in orbit are displayed and you have to cycle through to find the damaged ships.

If no ships in orbit are in need of repair, the class and ship drop downs will be empty. Date 25.06.2016