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Disassembly is an action that can be performed on salvaged wreck components. When a component is disassembled, it gives you research points but no resources, while Scrap gives you resources but no research points.


After you have found some ship components that were built with a tech level higher than yours (e.g. by salvaging ship wrecks) you can use the components in your own ships, scrap them for resources or disassemble them for research points toward the successful discovering of a technology.

To disassemble a component, transport it to a colony. Open the colony screen F2, Industry tab, Stockpile tab. Select the component from the stockpile and press Disassemble button. When this takes place, 1 unit of that component is destroyed and you gain background tech related to the component. When you disassemble components, that research information will be allocated to the population at which the component is disassembled. Therefore it is a good idea to disassemble components at a population with research facilities.

If the background tech you gain is too high for you, you will get the next level of the tech. For example, if you scrap a 30cm laser and make the roll for the focal size, you will get the 30cm tech if you already know the 25cm tech. Otherwise you will get the tech above the one you already know (20cm if you know 15cm, etc.).


  • Certain technologies can only be researched after disassembling captured alien components, which will give your scientists the basics.
  • The mechanics have been updated in 5.1, prior you had a random chance to gain on of each of the background tech used in the component.
  • Each disassembly randomly gives you 1%-5% of the research points you need for the next tech level. So on average you could disassemble 33-34 components to completely research a tech.
  • You can receive tech progress for all techs used by the component. Disassembling a shield will give you both shield and shield regen tech.


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