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Fuel Refinery

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Fuel Refinery
Transport Method Cargo Holds
Cargo Size 25,000 tons
Pop Required 50,000
Total Cost (BP) 120
Duranium 120


Fuel Refineries are installations that convert raw sorium into processed fuel for use by your ships, fighters and missiles.

A fuel refinery produces the racial fuel production rate per year modified by the planetary and sector governor's Factory Production bonus and require 50,000 civilians each to operate. One unit of Sorium produces 2,000 liters of fuel and is not upgradeable via research.

Formula: (Racial Fuel Production Rate) * (Sector Governor Factory Production Bonus * 0.25) * (Planetary Governor Production Bonus)


Refineries are managed on the Industry tab of the Economics Screen F2. Fuel refinement is automatic if the colony contains both raw Sorium and manned fuel refineries.

Shutting Down

Fuel refineries can be mass-shutdown via the Civilian / Ind Status tab of the Economics screen. This will immediately shutdown all production and remove any associated Wealth costs and frees the population to work on other things. Shutting down in this way will require a 6-month warm-up time to restart production.

Fuel refinement can also be shutdown by clicking the Stop button on the industry tab. This removes all costs, but does not free the population for work on other projects allowing for instant restarting.


Fuel refineries require the standard 25,000 tons of cargo space (5 cargo holds), similar to most installations.

To refine sorium from gas giants, a Sorium Harvester equipped ship can be used. Harvesters work like a combination mine and refinery, extracting sorium from the atmosphere and coverting it directly into fuel.


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