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Genetic Modification Centre

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Genetic Modification Centre
Transport Method Cargo Holds
Cargo Size 500,000 tons
Pop Required 50,000
Total Cost (BP) 120
Duranium 60
Tritanium 30
Vendarite 30


Genetic Modification Centers are installations that allow you to modify the genetics of your population to allow your citizens to live in more hostile environments. Each centre can modify up to 250,000 citizens per year.


In order to perform genetic modification on your population, first you have to had designed a new species See Genetic Modification for detailed instructions. Once a species has been researched, the Environment / GMC tab of the Economics screen allows you to choose which target species you wish to transform the existing population into. Only one project may be active at a time, regardless of the number of centres.

Shutting Down

Genetic modification centres can be mass-shutdown via the Civilian / Ind Status tab of the Economics screen. This will immediately stop all genetic modification as freeing up population for other industries. Shutting down in this way will require a 6-month warm-up time to restart construction.


Alsadius, Mor, Wedgebert