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Maintenance Facility

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Maintenance Facility
Transport Method Cargo Holds
Cargo Size 25,000 tons
Pop Required 50,000
Capacity 200 Tons
Total Cost (BP) 150
Duranium 75
Neutronium 75

Maintenance Facilities are installations that provide routine maintenance to orbiting ships, preventing them from using engineering supplies and freezing their maintenance clocks. A ship requires one maintenance facility per 200 tons and a maintenance facility is able to support any number ships at any given time. For example, 65 maintenance facilities can support any number of ships, but no ships heavier than 13,000 tons.

Ships being supported by maintenance facilities require a small mineral cost that is visible on the Mining/Maintenance tab of the Economics screen.

Shutting Down

Maintenance facilities can be shut down on the Civilians / Ind Status of the Economics screen. This halts all ongoing maintenance and frees up all workers to work in other industrial sectors. Reactivating requires 6-months.


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