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Research Lab

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Research Lab
Transport Method Cargo Holds
Cargo Size 500,000 tons
Pop Required 1,000,000
Total Cost (BP) 2,400
Duranium 1,200
Mercassium 1,200


A Research Lab is a planetary facility where Research projects are performed by lead scientists, they are necessary for advancing your empire's theoretical knowledge as well as resulting in practical applications.

When in use, each research lab produces the racial research rate per year modified by the assigned lead scientist's research bonus. A scientist working within his or her field quadruples his or her bonus.


Research labs are managed on the Research tab of the Economics Screen F2.

New Projects

Select the category of research from the category dropdown box and then select the desired lead scientist. The allocated research labs textbox can be used to change the initial number of assigned labs to something other than the default of one. You cannot assign more labs than five times the administrative rating of the scientist Then click the Create' button to start research.

New projects require a lead scientist in order to be created.

Current Projects

Clicking on an existing project allows you to increase or decrease the number of assigned research labs (to a limit of five times the scientist's administrative rating). Projects can be cancelled, freeing up the labs, lead scientist and funding for the project. Projects can also be paused, which just frees up the funding, but not the labs or scientist. Cancelled research may be resumed without penalty at the same colony it was initiated at, but labs on other colonies will not share in the partial progress made by the cancelled team.

Research Queue

By selecting an existing project and a new project, you can use the queuing interface at the bottom left of the research screen. This will cause the selected scientist to immediately start work on the queued project upon completion of his or her current project. All assigned labs are automatically transferred to the queued project.

Shutting Down

Research labs can be mass-shutdown via the Civilian / Ind Status tab of the Economics screen. This will immediately shutdown all research on the planet and remove any Wealth costs associated with the construction as well as freeing up population for other industries. Shutting down in this way will require a 6-month warm-up time to restart operation.

Pausing Research on a project by project basis by project basis has the same effect without incurring the 6-month restart delay. This does not free up any workers for other projects however.


Research labls require 500,000 tons of cargo space (100 cargo holds), making them one of the largest installations.


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