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Sector Command

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Sector Command
Transport Method N/A
Pop Required 0
Total Cost (BP) 2,400
Duranium 600
Boronide 600
Uridium 600
Mercassium 600

Sector Commands are planetary installations that become available after researching Improved Command and Control


Building a Sector Command HQ in a colony allows you to appoint a Civilian Administrator as a Sector Governor.

  • Sector Governors give one quarter of their bonuses, (like mining or factory production), to all colonies in the sector.
  • This is on top of any colonial governor bonuses. For example, a Sector Governor with a 20% bonus to mining will boost mineral production in all colonies in the sector by 5%.
  • The level of a Sector Command and thus its range can be increased by building additional HQs.

Defining Sector Commands

  • To define sectors, click the Sectors button at the bottom of the Population and Production window.
  • The sector capital is where you have built the Sector Command HQ.
  • A Sector Command HQ cannot be transported.
  • There is a maximum allowed distance, measured in jumps, between the capital and other systems in the sector. Higher levels of sector command headquarters increase this distance.

Required Technology

  • Building a Sector Command HQ requires the Improved Command & Control technology in the Logistics / Ground Combat Tree.


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