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The concept of stealth is to operate or hide without giving enemy forces any indications as to the presence of friendly forces. In Aurora Ships can employ stealth construction techniques, such as Cloaking and Thermal reduction, and other means in an effort to achieve stealth.


Total Cross Section (TCS) based on the Ships size, this is the ship's signature size against active sensors. You can research and design ships with Cloaking to reduces TCS, and therefore reduces active sensors detection and targeting range.

The Thermal Signature is how much heat is generated by the engine. A ship's thermal signature at full speed is the total thermal signature from its engines and this is the value used to detect the ship on thermal sensors. Engines travelling at less than full speed will emit less heat, or you can design engines with lower thermal signatures by researching Thermal Reduction technology, and therefore reduces chance of thermal detection.

Electromagnetic Emissions is how much energy generated by an active shield or an active sensor. A ship's total electromagnetic emissions from its shields and sensors is the value used to detect the ship on EM sensors. ..And actives, Use Emissions control, to avoid actives revealing the ship position.


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