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System Information

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The System Information window (F9)

This is the place to go when you are looking for a suitable world to colonize. See the article on Terraforming for information about what makes a world habitable. The short version for humans:

Gravity between 0. and 1.9 g.
Oxygen between 0.1 and 0.3 atm.
Temperature between -10 and +38°C
Max. Pressure 4 atm
No toxic gases

See Species on how to create genetically modified sub-species with different environmental tolerances.

  • General System Info: what the name implies.
  • Environmental Tolerances: the limits of what your particular species can bear. The more a particular system body differs, the higher the colony cost..
  • Stars: how many, how far from the central star.

System Bodies

There is one tab for each star in the system (max. four) which lists all bodies rotating around it:

  • (Nameless Column): empty for unsurveyed bodies, "[S]urveyed from orbit, nothing found" or "[M]inerals present".
  • Name
  • Body Type: see types of system body.
  • Population
  • Colony Cost: how much Infrastructure is required for a million colonists. Calculated from the factors below.
  • Gravity: cannot be changed
  • Surface Temperature, Atmospheric Composition, Pressure: can be changed through Terraforming.
  • Hydrosphere, Extent, Albedo, Greenhouse Factor, Base Temp.: minor or calculated factors in Terraforming.
  • Tectonics: Not implemented yet.
  • Orbital Distance, Diameter, Day, Year, Axial Tilt, Mass, Density, Tidal Lock, Magnetic Field, Escape Velocity: read all about them in the Wikipedia, or ignore them.
  • Radiation Level, Atmospheric Dust: the leftovers of nuclear war (remember that all missile warheads are nukes). The dust is atmospheric dust that blots out the sun and reduces temperature. Background radiation is reduced by 100 per year. Dust is reduced by 250 per year.

Minerals present

Jump points

Distances between discovered jump points and where they lead to. The distances are used to display distances between systems in the Galactic Map, if this option is selected.

Hierarchy View


System Graphic



Various, but mostly not essential. Useful is the option to hide bodies without minerals.

Jump point survey

Interface commands

  • Rename Sys
  • Auto Rename
  • Rename Body
  • Geo Status
  • Add Colony
  • Change Image
  • System Map
  • Ban Body - Banning a body will prevent that system (or body?) from being used as a destination in automated orders. Useful for preventing civilian ships from dropping colonists where you don't want them. You'll have to ban it before any population arrives, though, or the colonists will keep coming.
  • Fixed Name
  • Clipboard
  • Delete System


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