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Terran Federation (Erik)

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This is the main link page for ship designs in the current campaign. I'll start with some broad classifications, and drill down to specific shiptypes as we go.

Order of Battle

Cargo Task Group

  • 10x Essex Freighters

Colony Task Group

  • 10x Spruance Colonizers

CruRon 85

Currently under construction Hulls currently under construction are as follows.

  • 2x Iowa CA
  • 2x Cleveland CAG
  • 2x Arleigh Burke CEJ
  • 3x Cleveland CLE

CruRon 86

  • 8x Gato JCLE
  • 8x Clemson CLE
  • 8x New York CJ
  • 16x Cleveland CG (Originally CruRon 86 had 20 Clevelands. Four ships were lost in the battle with the Windarians.)
  • 8x South Carolina JCLE
  • 8x Brooklyn CLE
  • 4x Arleigh Burke CJ
  • 32x Iowa CA (Plans are to shift 24 of the Iowas in CruRon 86 to other formations.)
  • 4x Eagle SC

Geo Survey I

  • 10x Fletcher GE

Grav Survey I

  • 10x Coontz SS

Grav Survey II

  • 10x Coontz SS

PlanRes I

  • 3x North Carolina TR

Terra PDC

  • 2x Nautilus PDC

Survey Ships

Civilian Ships