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Transport Method Cargo Holds
Cargo Size 2,500 tons
Pop Required 0
Total Cost (BP) 2
Duranium 2

Infrastructure and Underground Infrastructure are planetary installations that effect maximum supported population.

See also Orbital Habitat Module.

See Terraforming for infrastructure requirements of colonies.


Infrastructure is used by colonies to allow population on bodies with low suitability (where the colony cost is greater than zero). Adding infrastructure increases the maximum population a colony can sustain. If the population goes over this, negative growth will set in (resulting in deaths) and civil unrest will start to increase. How much infrastructure is required per million population and the current amount, can be seen on the summary tab for each colony.

Infrastructure is unique in that can be created by the player through the Industry tab of the Population and Production (F2), as well as being created automatically as a Trade Good.

Player cargo ships can only pick up infrastructure if it is already on the colony; they have no access to the trade stockpile. However, once placed, Infrastructure may be picked up again, allowing an Empire to re-use infrastructure as their planets become terraformed and habitable.

Underground Infrastructure

Underground Infrastructure is used for hollowing out asteroids and small moons to provide underground living accommodation. It's an immovable underground version of an orbital habitat. Note that as construction of underground infrastructure has to be done on site, you will need either construction brigades or workers living in an orbital habitat manning construction factories up to the point where the asteroid can support enough workers of its own to man construction factories. This makes it a substantial undertaking but allows the creation of asteroid bases etc. Other facilities can be added as normal to the body once workers are available.

Underground Infrastructure functions in the same way as normal infrastructure except for the following:

  1. It costs 10 BP per point, compared to 2 BP for normal infrastructure, because of the need to build artificial gravity into the construction.
  2. It cannot be transported so it must be built on site.
  3. it can only be used on worlds for which the gravity is too low to support a normal colony. In this case, the population lives beneath the surface of the body and makes use of artificial gravity. Because of the difficulties in building and maintaining this infrastructure, the body is treated as colony cost 3.0 for the purposes of underground infrastructure requirements, agriculture/environment, etc..