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VB6 Aurora:Index of Topics

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General information

Night in space.

Setting up a new game

Game concepts

Game interface

The galaxy

A new dawn.

Alien races

Colonies and mining

Prime real estate opportunity. Some radiation tolerance required. Call 1-800-MARTIANHOMES today!
Image: NASA

Captains, bureaucrats and scientists

Avatar 3931.png
  • Leaders - your naval and ground force officers, scientists and administrators. Tip: give all of them something to do to increase their skills faster.
  • Research - R&D: research new technology and develop systems you have designed.

The civilian economy

Ship design and shipbuilding

Carriers and Fighters

Weapons and sensors

Fleet operations, organization and logistics

Ship combat

Orbital bombardment of Earth commencing. You have failed.
Image: Dan Burbank/NASA

Ground Forces