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Video Tutorials

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Lavenders2's Videos

Introduction: So I have been playing this game, and I find it really great, but my god is it confusing So in an attempt to broaden the audience, I will be creating a bunch of (mediocre/abysmal) videos that attempt to teach new players how to install, create and get started on a new game. The tutorial is currently planned to teach the first year or so of gameplay, but I will make more once I learn more of the game myself and have a better understanding of how everything works, as well as when I have the time.

The current plan is to have 1 video a day, although deviations from that schedule are possible (and quite likely) so don't expect me to keep to it, but I will try to make up for lost days with an extra video or 2.

Currently my first video is being saved onto my hard drive, and I will be uploading this, along with another video to YouTube for you guys to watch. I hope that the tutorials are clear, concise, and most importantly enjoyable to watch. I also hope that you guys enjoy playing the game and watching the vids as much as I am currently having fun making them. No doubt we will all learn something from this.


  • Part 1 Installing and setting up a new world:
  • Part 2 System map and starting economics:
  • Part 3 Economics continued:
  • Part 4 Ship design:
  • Part 5 Task groups and using ships:
  • Part 6 Terraforming, homework check and subscriber special:

Tell me what you think! Also comment if you have questions, and like if you think this was helpful!

Source URLs for the videos:

Din182's Videos

  • Part 1: Installation
  • Part 2: Starting a New Game
  • Part 3: Game Menus (part 1)
  • Part 3: Game Menus (part 2)

Source URLs for the videos:


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