Aurora is on version 2.5.0 C#, available at the Aurora Forums.

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Welcome to the Aurora Wiki. This is a collection of user-submitted guides, information and advice for "Aurora". The wiki and its 1,804 pages are managed and maintained by contributors from the Aurora community. Please note that because the game is constantly being refined and expanded, some of the information in this wiki might be outdated. The most up to date information can be found in the Aurora forums. Nevertheless, this wiki should get you started.

Please note that the Glossary is currently non-functional. Its functionality will be reinstated when I evaluate the recommended replacement.


latest release v2.5.0 C#
2023-12-24; 3 months ago

Please note that VB Aurora development has been halted in favor of C# Aurora.

---> Index of Topics for Aurora - C# (WIP)

---> Index of Topics - VB

---> Index of Topics for Quasar (WIP)

Aurora is a 4X (eXpand, eXplore, eXploit, and eXterminate) science fiction strategy game. Players develop their interstellar empire from the humble beginnings on their homeworld to conquer the universe, or be pummeled into the ashes of history by opposing races.

Some say it has the graphical charm of an income tax assistant software from the late nineties, but a playing depth that more than rivals any commercial 4X game. Aurora is different because it places emphasis on fleet operations and detailed tactical combat.

The game is under constant development and there is an active and friendly player community in the forum that will help you with any question or problem you might encounter.