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Aurora Player Designed Systems

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All the systems listed here are able to be player designed. This article used to detail the various components. The box below contains all player designed systems. What is left here are the systems that did not get moved due to Pages already existing. It is currently a work in progress.

Missile Launchers

See Missile Launchers.


The main components of missile launchers are Size, Reload Rate, Platform Type, and Reduced Size.

Launcher Size

This directly affects how big of a missile may be fired. It also affects the Rate of Fire. A launcher may launch any missile available up to and equal to its size, e.g. a size 6 launcher may fire size 1-6 missiles.

Missile Launcher Size
Size Max Missile Size Base Rate of Fire
1 1 30
2 2 60
3 3 90
4 4 120
5 5 150
6 6 180
7 7 210
8 8 240
9 9 270
10 10 300
11 11 330
12 12 360
14 14 420
16 16 480
18 18 540
20 20 600
24 24 720

Reload Rate

The reload rate affects how fast the missile launcher may be reloaded and fired. The level of reload rate is used as a divisor to the base reload rate from the size of the launcher. The available rates are 1 - 12.

Platform Type

There are two options available here, Ship-based and PDC-based. The PDC option cuts the base reload time in half.

Reduced Size

The options here allow the launcher to be reduced in size at the expense of reload rate.

Missile Reduced Size
Size Rate Notes
Standard 1x
.75 2x
.5 5x
.33 20x
.25 100x +on Mount Magazine (includes internal magazine)
Box (.15) 15x No internal reload


Stop laser and Missile damage until 0.00 strength, then damage passes to armor.


Shield Type

Alpha to Omega 1-15 shield strength

Shield Regeneration Rate

Shield Regeneration Rate depends on the Regeneration Rate research and ranges from 1 - 15

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency decreases the amount of fuel consumed by a multiple from 1x - 0.1x depending on researched Fuel Efficiency modifier.

Jump Engines


Jump Drive efficiency

Ranges from 3-25; increase via research.

Max Jump Squadron Size

The number of ships without a jump engine that can follow a ship equipped with this jump engine through a jump point.

Ranges from 3-12 squadron size; increases jump engine size.

Jump Point Distance

This is useful if you are planning on jumping into an enemy system where the enemy could be waiting for you on the other side. It allows you to jump and be further from the jump point; it slightly increases jump engine size.


Increases the HullSize the component takes up but also increases the maximum size of the ship it can jump. The Max Ship Size has to be greater than the ship's total hull size; this includes the jump engine itself, so remember when designing a jump engine that you need to account for both the size of the ship + the jump engine's considerable mass.

Please note, that when jumping multiple ships in a fleet, no jump engine can jump a ship larger than the ship it is mounted on, even if the Max Ship Size can accommodate both ships. If the accompanying ship is smaller than the ship equipped with the jump engine, both ships can pass through normally.

Jump Drive Type


Military jump engines are smaller in size and suffer no penalty to max jump squadron size, with more efficient use of size.


Less efficient use of size and significantly larger overall, but can jump larger ships than military version (10x higher Max Ship Size than military). Civilian drives are less costly, but their max jump squadron size is penalized by one.

Military jump engines cannot open jump points for civilian vessels, and vice versa.


Railguns are specialized weapons good for close in fighting. Incredibly good at Point Defense against missiles due to 4 shots per 5 seconds. Also good at larger ranges against heavily armored missiles and fast moving ships.


Railgun Type

10cm - 50cm

Increases size of railgun and the range and power requirements.

Railgun Velocity

Increases Railgun range without increasing size or power requirements.

Capacitor Recharge Rate

Capacitors increase power recharge of weapons. Allowing faster fire rate.

Ranges from 1-25


Close in Weapon System is for intercepting missiles at short range around the ship mounting them, they do not interact with missiles destined for other ships around them. This should be your final layer of Point Defense against incoming missiles.


Gauss Cannon Rate of Fire:

Beam Fire Control Distance Rating:

Fire Control Speed Rating:

Active Sensor Strength:

Turret Rotation Gear: