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Cargo Handling System

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Cargo Handling System is a ship component that reduces loading time of Cargo Hold, Cryogenic Transport and Troop Transport Bay.


Cargo Handling System can be used on cargo ships, colony ships and troop ships to enable faster cargo loading or unloading. Each module variant has a Handling Multiplier, which will reduced the ship Load Time (can be seen from the the Class Design window) by that factor. Multiple Cargo Handling System can be installed to increase the effect.

This base Load Time is 50 hours per cargo bay and cryogenic transport bay, plus 10 days for any number brigade-sized troop transport modules. This number can be reduced by cargo handling systems (the load time is divided by 5 times the number of cargo handling systems) by commercial spaceports (load time divided by spaceport level + 1), and by the logistical value of the ship's task force and commander, as well as the governor at the colony where loading or unloading is taking place.


Cargo Handling System
System Basic Improved Advanced Grav-Assisted
Handling Multiplier 5 10 20 40
RP cost 1,000 10,000 40,000 150,000