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Cargo Hold

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Component Information
Type Core
Class Commercial
Tech Branch Logistics / Ground Combat
Small 5000 Cargo, 100 HS
Standard 25000 Cargo, 500 HS


Cargo Holds can transport minerals, facilities and components.

The base Load/Unload Time is 50 hours per cargo bay. This number can be reduced by cargo handling systems (the load time is divided by 5 times the number of cargo handling systems) by commercial spaceports (load time divided by spaceport level + 1), and by the logistical value of the ship's task force and commander, as well as the governor at the colony where loading or unloading is taking place.


Most planetary installations, such as factories, mines, etc., weigh 25,000 tons but can be disassembled into parts of 5,000 tons each and transported separately.

Note that one point of minerals weighs two tons, not one.


Cargo Hold
Cargo Hold Small Standard
Size 100 500
Capacity 5,000 25,000
Build Cost 12 50
Crew 2 5