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Civilian mining complex

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A Civilian Mining Complex (CMC) is surface facility built and managed by the private sector. CMC are either built as part of new Civilian Mining Colony established on mineral rich planets, moons and asteroids; or as an expansion to already existing CMC facilities.

Each Civilian Mining Complex is equivalent to ten automated mines. Each Civilian Mining Colony can have several CMCs and comes equipped with a Deep Space Tracking Station, a built in Mass Driver and Garrison. Such civilian endeavors are beneficial to your Empire, as even a small bare-bones facility will gain you access to additional raw materials and expand your sensor coverage in that area.

Civilian Mining Colony

New civilian mining colonies can be established on mineral rich planets, moons and asteroids if you don't yet have a colony on them. They are more likely to form in empires with large racial income (reflects the size of the civilian economy), and systems with large populations.

When a mining colony is formed it comes equipped with 1-3 CMCs, a level 1 Deep Space Tracking Station, and an infinite amount of Mass Driver capacity for civilian use. Where each CMC output is equivalent to 10 Automated Mines using the Empire Mining Production ## Tons technology when it comes to determining extraction rate. Also, a Garrison Battalion or a low-tech infantry (if the TN Garrison unit has not yet been researched) is created, named, and placed on the body upon CMC creation.

In addition to the check for new mining colonies, all existing colonies are checked if they will be expanded current facilities by adding one extra CMC. Though new mining colonies will only be placed on an empty body, once a CMC exists another colony may be created by the player and used as a population center, mining base, military depot, etc. This will not prevent expansion of the CMC in the future.

When the minerals on the body a CMC is located on are all extracted, a message will generate about the CMC shutting down. At this point, what will be left is a generic colony, possibly with some minerals stockpiled and a Garrison Battalion. All that is left is to verify that the stockpile is empty, pick up that garrison and abandon the body.


Each production cycle, the game will check for new mining colonies. A new Civilian Mining Colony will only generate after a number of conditions are met:[1]

  1. First, a random number is generated between 1 and 1,000,000. That random number is compared to annual empire wealth generation. If the random number is smaller than the annual empire wealth, the next generation step occurs. Otherwise, no new CMC will be generated that production cycle.
  2. Next step is to determine which system a body will be generated in. Each System with more than 10m population is ranked from most population to least. The most populous system has a 50% chance to go on to the next step. If that fails, the next populous system is given a 50% chance, down the line. If all systems fail the chance, the CMC will be generated in the largest population system.
  3. Once a system has been chosen, a body must be chosen. First, the body must be surveyed and have no existing colony on it. It needs to orbiting the same star as the selected population, and be no more than 80AU away.
  4. On the first run through those bodies that qualify, Aurora checks for deposits of either Sorium or Duranium in excess of 25,000 tons with 0.8 accessibility or greater.
  5. If no bodies qualify, Aurora then checks for deposits of either Sorium or Duranium in excess of 15,000 tons with 0.7 accessibility. A tonnage check similar to 4B is performed to evaluate which body gets the CMC.
  6. Once either step 4 or 5 find at least one candidate, Aurora finds the total mineral deposits for each body. The deposit size is multiplied by accessibility, ignoring all deposits of 0.4 or less.

Finally the world with the greatest total deposit is selected and a civilian mining colony is created on that body.

Additionally, Each production cycle, each existing CMC is checked for expansion. For each CMC, a random number between 1 and 4,000,000 is selected, and if the number is less than annual empire wealth, the CMC expands by 1.

Gathering Wealth or Resources

Civilian Mining Complexes can be managed from the Population and Production screen F2, 'Civilians / Ind Status' tab. Where the 'Civilian Mining Complexes status' can be set to:

Minerals go to Civilian Sector
The default settings, is to have the CMC send their output to the civilian sector. This will yield 125 units of wealth per year per CMC in taxation, regardless of how much minerals are actually being mined out.
Purchase Mineral Output
Alternatively, you can purchase the CMC mineral output for 250 units of wealth per year per CMC. This amount is also not dependent on the amount of minerals that are extracted.
If you buy minerals this way, you can to direct the Mass Drivers of the CMC toward one of your colonies where you want to stockpile this minerals input. The colony must have a mass driver of its own to receive minerals, but only 1 mass driver is needed to receive any amount of minerals. Additionally, you can choose not to set a mass driver destination, in which case the minerals will stockpile and can be picked up by a cargo ship.