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Combat Drop Module

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A Combat Drop Module is a ship component that can be used to carry troops and combat drop them onto a planet or board a ship.


Unloading ground troops from transport bays requires a significant amount of time, leaving both ship and troops vulnerable. Drop modules unload instantaneously, but still have loading time. They are thus preferable for assaults against defended planets, also they can board other ships. Troops in drop modules lose morale over time.

The cryogenic variants are larger, but troops don't suffer from morale loss, making them suitable for long distance transportation.


Combat Drop Module
Drop Module Battalion Company Battalion (Cryo) Company (Cryo)
Capacity (Batallions) 1 0.2 1 0.2
Size (HS) 10 2 20 4
RP Cost 3000 6000 10,000 20,000