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Components are the basic assembly parts and systems used to construct ships, PDCs and missiles, that the players are able to utilize in Class Design F. The list of available components will expand and improve as the empire technology progresses. Each components type provides specialized abilities, which can be used in many possible combinations. The component chosen will add further functionality and have an effect on how the design will perform. The correct choice of components could be the difference between success and failure.

In a standard Trans-Newtonian campaign, some components are already available at the beginning of the game : these are the core components. Other components have to be acquired through research, exploration, trade or espionage. You may also find these items in space wrecks as salvage.

Ship components can be pre-fabricated using industrial capacity, which will speed up ship-building times since the components do not need to be assembled at the shipyard itself.


There are two categories of components. Core components become available as you research and progress through the Technology tree. Some core components such as asteroid mining and terraforming modules are automatically upgraded as the linked technology improves, preventing you from having to constantly refit and upgrade their parent ships to keep up with the tech level.

Designed components have to be designed by the player first. Each design has several research-able technologies that can be set independently for the desired cost-benefit balance. Once a design system spec are finalized, then the design has to be prototyped by scientists to make it manufacture-able. Designed components will not upgrade by themselves. If you want to upgrade a ship with newer versions of such components, you will have to build an updated design and to refit your ship in some available shipyard.

The Technology Report window CTRL+F7 gives the player information about currently available designed components, sorted by type, and obsolete systems are available with a checkbox in the corner.


Components can be damaged due to maintenance failure, if insufficient MSP available the affected Component will be destroyed and cease operation. Components can also be destroyed during combat. Internal armor can be added to some critical components, increasing its HTK, to reduce the chance of damage. Any system below 1 HS has a HTK of 0 so if it takes damage the system is destroyed and the damage is also applied against another component.