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The latest official version of Aurora vb6 can be found on the Aurora Installation Forum, released by Steve Walmsley, the developer. Even though Aurora can be an amazing gaming experience, installing it can be tricky. This guide should be enough for most people to get the game working smoothly. Aurora C# has been released and it can be downloaded here: C# Installation. This guide is for version 7.10 vb6


There are two methods a player can use to install Aurora: manually downloading and installing the latest version yourself, or more simpler, use one of the available Portable Aurora packages. If you are having problems running or installing the game, the best place to ask is at the forums.

You should generally look for the latest versions, unless a "Legacy" version is required for some reason.

Manual Install

Installation instruction for any version 5.54 up to 7.10

1) Install version 5.54, see lengthy instruction bellow.

2) Go to the Aurora Installation Forum. Download the latest patch, and save the file to your desktop or another easily accessed area of your computer.

3) To apply the patch, unpack the patch file and copy the files into the game folder as follow:

a) Stevefire.mdb and Aurora.exe into the installation directory, overwriting the existing files with the same names
b) a11.jpg, b20.jpg and M24.jpg into the Planetjpeg sub-directory
c) flag0390.jpg and flag0391.jpg into the Flags sub-directory
Installation instruction for version 5.54
Its recommended to read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly. Aurora is written in an old language and therefore uses an installation program from the late 1990s. If you don't follow the instructions you will end up with a series of errors, usually 3061 then 3265 then a series of 91s. If that happens, uninstall and re-install and follow the instructions carefully.

1) Download and save the file to your desktop or another easily accessed area of your computer. Extract the .zip file you just downloaded, you should get four files called Aurora.CAB, Setup.exe, Setup.LST and

2) Install Aurora, by running Setup.exe. This will launch a standard (but old) Microsoft install program, follow the on-screen instructions as you would when installing any other program.

Note: The installation folder is, by default, in C:\Program Files\Aurora. Change the installation path to another easily accessed area of your computer, such as C:\games\Aurora or C:\Users\yourUsername\Desktop\Aurora.
Important: if asked about overwriting any existing files with older files, make sure you KEEP the existing files. This will happen about 10 times during the install.

3) Update the game, by unziping into the game directory you choose, and answer yes to overwriting Aurora.exe and Stevefire.mdb.

Note If you live in a country where the decimal separator is a comma e.g. 1,200, see System Requirements section bellow.

4) (OPTIONAL) Download (29MB) and overwrite the races in the Race directory. This updates the racial pictures and prevents errors when viewing the sample game Steve included.

5) You will need to install the program from this website to safely get some missing .dlls that you will need. You can uninstall the program immediately after if you want.

6) If you've followed all these steps, you're done and ready for your first game! Check the Tutorial section on the wiki for help getting started or visit the official Aurora4x forums.

Using Portable Aurora

Portable Aurora, is a third-party package that make it easier to install and run the game. It includes the game and a wrapper that automate some technical aspects of running it, and several graphics sets.

Portable Aurora use no installer for the game. Simply extract the archive file to a folder somewhere and run the game from within the folder. You can download it from the Portable Aurora sub-forum.

System Requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows, however, people have manged to run it under Wine on Linux.

Number format: If you are living in a country which uses the comma (,) for decimal separator, then while playing Aurora you have to switch the Regional Settings of your computer over to US or UK or another country that uses the period (.) as the decimal separator. This is done automatically when using the Portable Aurora package.

Minimum resolution: The minimum resolution required is 1280x1024. A higher resolution or multiple monitors will allow you to see more windows at once. If your display doesn't support this, there are ways around it, provided your video card supports a higher resolution than your monitor/display. You can also play with slightly 'reduced height windows' (see main game menu).

  • Scrolling desktop. A program that extends the desktop beyond your screen can be found at
  • In XP, something similar is already built in but it does carry a warning from Microsoft so you will have to decide if this is worth trying. Go to the screen where you set your resolution. Select the Advanced button and then select the Monitor tab. There is a checkbox which reads "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display". If you uncheck this box, you can set resolution to anything your graphics card can handle. If this resolution is higher than what your monitor can display, whenever your mouse pointer reaches the edge of your screen, the whole screen will scroll in that direction.

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