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Engineering Sections

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Engineering Spaces are components that decrease the ship's malfunction rate and increase its maintenance supplies carry capacity, to affect the repair of those malfunctions that still happen.


Engineering sections are essential to keep your ships from falling apart. Malfunction rate is dependent on the percentage of engineering sections of the total of the ship. Without any engineering spaces at all, the AFR (annual failure rate) of a ship is 0.2 * tonnage percent. For example, a 10,000 ton ship without engineering would have AFR of 2000%. Very small ships and ships that do not plan to leave their hangar or maintenance facility for long can get away with it, however.

With engineering spaces the AFR becomes 0.04 / engineering tonnage percentage * total tonnage percent. Just adding one engineering space to the example 10,000 ton ship would reduce AFR to 800%, with further additions improving the odds even more.

At least 50 tons of engineering spaces is required for any commercial ship.


Engineering Section
Section Basic Small Tiny Fighter
Size (HS) 1 0.5 0.25 0.1
Cost 10 5 2.5 1