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Fast OB

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See the Fast OB Creation window and Basic Fleet Orders tutorial.

The Fast OB Creation window Shift+F9 allows you to quickly set up your starting forces without having to build them. Each Empire is given a certain number of starting build points to spend on fast-OOB of ships, which adds some variety to your starting conditions.

To set up your starting forces, go to the main menu bar and select the 'Fast OB Creation' menu item. This opens the a small window with the title Create Racial Order of Battle. The top left section will show your Empire and Species, a dropdown with available task groups, a dropdown of available classes, a text entry box for Number and a read-only field for Total Cost. Below that is the Remaining Build Points section with a suggested amount of build points with which to create your starting forces. As you add starting forces, the amount of BPs will be deducted from these values. These values will be 5000 for ships and 2500 for PDCs.