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Game interface

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Top page for in-game interface references. These pages cover most of Auroras screens and user interface elements, at least in brief. It does not necessarily tell you how to accomplish every task you might need to, but instead just describes what you see on the screen and what various options do.

See tutorials and the many other articles on this wiki to help you tie all of this together by describing the sequence of actions needed to accomplish various things in the game.

Initial Screen

Game details.png

When you start up Aurora you will be greeted by a "Game Details" screen. This shows 'Basic Information' and 'Options' for the currently selected game. Usually some game run by Steve Walmsley, the creator of Aurora. You can tell what version you are using by looking at the top right of the screen

The 'Game name' dropdown at the top, allows you to switch between available games. Across the bottom are four buttons:

  • New: Opens the new game creation screen, where you can setup a new procedural generated galaxy.
  • Save: Save saves any changes to the 'options' you may have made to the currently displayed game.
  • Delete: Permanently removes the currently selected game and any associated races and systems from the DB.
  • Select: Load the currently selected game and continue playing. Takes you to the Game main menu bar. If you accidentally press Select and get to this menu bar before setting up a game, you can go back to the Game Details window by pressing Ctrl+I or choosing Game Info from that menu.

Main Menu Bar


Upon entering your newly created game, you will see the 'main menu bar' with your game name in the title. It affords access to most of the screens in Aurora, and is the only way to access certain functions. However, most of its function is duplicated by the System Map F3 that is found in the 'Empires' sub-menu.


Key Menu item Function
F2 Economics
F3 System Map
F4 Commanders
F5 Class Design
F6 Ships
F7 Fighter Squadrons
F9 System Information Lists every body in the current system, along with vital statistics.
F11 Galactic Map
F12 Task Groups
Ctrl+F2 View Race Details
Ctrl+F3 Event Log
Ctrl+F7 Technology Report Shows the basic details of all currently available and obsolete component designs.
... ...
Ctrl+F8 Production Overview An overview of all Empires industrial, research and shipbuilding projects from all populations on a single window.
... ...


Gain access to basic SpaceMaster Mode functions.

Key Menu item Function
Ctrl+S Spacemaster on
Ctrl+O Spacemaster off
Add Sol system
Add Extra NPR It will generate one NPR of TN Tech in a new system just like the NPRs you can generate at the beginning.
Ctrl+F3 Events Updates A listing of events that occurred in your empire during the last turn.
Shift+F9 Fast OB Creation Used to create your starting fleet.
Ctrl+F9 System Summary

Game parameters, Miscellaneous and Help

  • Reduced Height Windows - Some windows are larger than 1280x800 pixels. If your screen does not support at least this resolution, you might not see the bottom part of some windows. Select Reduced Height Windows for slightly smaller windows.
  • Reset windows positions
  • Music on, Voice and Effects On