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Ground Force Training Facility

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Ground Force Training Facility
Transport Method Cargo Holds
Cargo Size 500,000 tons
Pop Required 0
Total Cost (BP) 2400
Duranium 1200
Neutronium 1200


Ground Force Training Facilties (GFTF) are installations allow the training of new Ground Units to add to your army.

Each training facility allows the training of one ground unit at a time and produces the racial ground unit training rate per year modified by the planetary and sector governor's Ground Unit Training bonus.

The racial ground unit training rate seems to be locked at 100.

Formula: (Racial Ground Unit Training Rate) * (Sector Governor Ground Unit Training Bonus * 0.25) * (Planetary Governor Ground Unit Training Bonus)


Training facilities are controlled on the GU Training tab of the Economics screen. The top portion displays one line per GFTF. Active GFTFs display the training points required, remaining and the estimated time until completion. Inactive facilties are blank.

To being training, select the unit type from the list of possible unit types below. If conventional units have been converted into cadres of the appropriate type, you may check the Use Cadre checkbox to consume one cadre and reduce the training cost by 40 TP for an infantry unit and 60 TP for an armor unit. Cadres are listed below the checkbox as X / Y, where X is the number of infantry cadres and Y the number of armor cadres.

Training can be cancelled by clicking on the desired unit and then on Delete Task.

Note:  Clicking Add Task before researching the ability to train units will
       add a task of Train XXth Type Abbrev. task to an available GFTF.
       This task will take 0 TP and complete instantly with no results.

Shutting Down

Training facilties cannot be mass shut down as they do not require population. The only way to shut down training is to manually delete every active training task on the target colony.