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Hangar deck

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Component Information
Type Core
Class Military
Tech Branch Logistics & Ground Combat
Boat Bay 250 Capacity, 6 HS
Hangar Deck 1000 Capacity, 21 HS

Hangar Decks and Boat Bays allow a ship to carry smaller ships. These can be Fast Attack Craft, Fighters or any other ship as long as the total tonnage of all carried ships is smaller than or equal to the carrier's total hangar capacity.

Ships in a hangar do not roll for malfunction, need maintenance facilities or use maintenance supplies. A PDC with large hangars for inactive ships can therefore reduce the constant upkeep of an idle fleet. Hangars also allow for full repairs, including armor repairs, that would otherwise need to take place at a shipyard.

Note that there cannot be any fighters or ships in a hangar inside another hangar. You'd have to launch fighters from a carrier before putting them both inside a hangar.

Module Statistics

Module Hangar Capcity (Tons) Build Cost Module Size (Tons) Duranium Cost Vendarite Cost Crew Required
Boat Bay 250 30 300 0 30 5
Small Boat Bay 125 18 150 0 18 3
Hangar Deck 1000 100 1050 25 75 15