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Main screen Hotkeys

  • F2 Economics - Manage your colonies
  • F3 System maps - Brings up the overview map/interface of current system (if you don't see anything press this)
  • F4 Commanders - Promote & assign your rookies
  • F5 Class Design - Design your spacecraft
  • F6 Ships - See ships under your command
  • F7 Fighter Squadrons - Manage the fighters
  • F8 Battle Control Window - Control ships in combat
  • F9 System Information - Information (including minerals) about the current system
  • F11 Galactic Map - giant map displaying system location
  • F12 Task Groups - Give commands to your grouped ships
  • Ctrl+F2 View Race Details - Information on your race
  • Ctrl+F3 Events log - List of important occurances (Keep open!)
  • Ctrl+F4 Task Force Organization - Order of command for ships
  • Ctrl+F5 Intelligence/Diplomacy - Known information about aliens & determine whether they want to kill you
  • Ctrl+F6 Create Research Project - Design components for usage, research prototype afterwards
  • Ctrl+F7 Technology Report - Information about your current tech levels
  • Ctrl+F9 System Summary - What types of stars are explored
  • Ctrl+F11 Ships Requiring Repair - Damage report
  • Ctrl+F12 Fuel Situation - Fuel levels
  • Ctrl+L Shipping Lines - What's going where
  • Ctrl+S Spacemaster on
  • Ctrl+O Spacemaster off
  • Ctrl+R Select Default Race
  • Ctrl+I Game Info
  • Ctrl+D Designer Mode Requires password, which you are unlikely to get
  • Shift+F9 Fast OOB
  • Ctrl+H Order of Battle
  • Ctrl+Y Class Deployments
  • Ctrl+A Available Colony Sites