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Jump Gate

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Jump Gates (JG) are constructions that enhance interstellar travel between jump points linking one system with another. Jump Gates work by permanently stabilizing space-time at a jump point, negating the need for ships to use their own jump drive or jump tender when traversing the wormhole from that side. To facilitate two-way travel by ships without their own jump drives, a second jump gate must be constructed on the other side as well. Jump Gates can be constructed by ships equipped with an appropriate Jump Gate construction module.


A jump gate will permanently link distant systems and can be used by any ship whether it is your own, neutral, or hostile. It is advisable to ensure one can adequately defend a system before constructing a jump gate to it which will allow others' ships to travel freely through that gate.

Tip: Once Constructed Jump gates cannot be destroyed or deconstructed by players under normal circumstances. Currently, the only way to remove a jump gate from the game is to use Spacemaster (SM) mode.

Jump gates extend the reach of your Commercial Shipping. The technology has been the backbone of many interstellar empires. Therefore there is a possibility that newly discovered systems may have the occasional jump gate, such gates can be found with active sensors even on an undiscovered Jump Point, and indicated by a red box. Of course, there is no way for the player to tell if this is an ancient jump gate or one created by a more recent civilization.


In order to build a jump gate, a ship with a Jump Gate Construction Module in its design should first be built. Then, the "Build Jump Gate" order may be given to the task group the ship is attached to when it has a jump point selected as its destination.

Tip: When a jump gate is constructed it is only done on one side of a jump point. This will allow one way trips to the connected system through the jump gate. However, a return trip will require a jump gate built on the opposite side of the jump point, a jump tender, or a jump capable ship.

Note, the effect of Construction Modules do not stack, only one ship can construct a gate on a point at a time, and only one Jump Gate can be built on a Jump Point ever. The only way to build a Jump Gate faster, is to research and use the faster Jump Gate Construction module, or employ naval officer with the "Factory Production Bonus" ability in command of the construction ship.

Using Jump Gates

Once construction of a jump gate has been completed, a task group with the jump point the jump gate has been built at selected as its destination, may be given a "standard transit" order. This will cause the task group to approach the jump point and jump through the jump gate to the connected system.

Note, ship traversing through a Jump Gate, will suffer the usual jump shock effect.