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Jump Tender

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A Jump tender is a ship capable of allowing other ships to transit out of the system through unstable jump points.


For any given ship tonnage, a ship which is not burdened with jump drives can be better equipped, armed and or armored than a ship which must carry those jump drives. Jump tenders takes advantage of this fact, allowing the private sector to establish inter system trade routes without the economical burden of equipping jump drives, and offer better fleet specialization. Fleets operating in deep space, will often relay on dedicated fleet jump tenders.

Tenders carrying capacity is determined by its Jump drive characteristics. Commercial tenders equipped with commercial jump drive designs, will be able to support larger mass compared to same size military jump drive, while being unable to port military ships.


Jump tenders do not need to be in a task group with the transiting ship or ships, nor do they need to be at a particular end of the jump point being used. A single tender parked at either end of a non-gate-equipped jump point will allow any ship which is within its capacity to transport to use the Standard Transit command as if there were a gate installed. Simply station the jump ship at the point and create a transit order for the second fleet. It will also automatically service ship of friendly and allied Races.


  • Ships with military engines can only be escorted by a ship with a military jump drive.
  • Ships with commercial engines can be escorted by ships with either military or commercial jump drives.
  • The maximum size of ship that can be escorted through has to be less than the jump ship and the jump drive rating. For example, if you have a 28 000 tons jump ship, you will only be able to open a wormhole for ships of 28 000 tons or less, regardless of your jump drive efficiency.
  • It doesn't matter which side the jump ship is on, other ships can jump either way.