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Luxury Passenger Accommodation

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Component Information
Type Core
Class Commercial
Tech Branch Logistics / Ground Combat
Size (HS) 50
Size (Tons) 2500
Production Cost
Build Cost 100
Duranium 25
Mercassium 75
Other Information
Crew 100

Luxury Passenger Accommodations are starship components that provides transport for 250 first-class passengers. Only really useful for shipping lines.


Luxury Passenger Accommodation are used in civilian Luxury Liners, employed by various shipping line operators. They carry fewer people than the Cryogenic Transport modules in colony ships, but offer spacious cabins and impressive recreational areas. Such liners pay much higher taxes than civilian colony ships.

In player designs, there is no reason for this component except RP considerations, Cryogenic Facilities are much more effective. For example, you could make a luxury personnel shuttle to move your various teams around.