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Military Academy

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Military Academy
Transport Method N/A
Pop Required 0
Total Cost (BP) 2,400
Duranium 1,200
Corbomite 300
Tritanium 300
Uridium 300
Corundium 300

Military Academies are installations that provide leaders(naval and ground force officers, researchers and civilian administrators) and trained crew personnel for your fleet.

Each academy trains five leaders per year and a number of ship crew equal to 1000 divided by your current racial training level (which can range from 1 to 5). These accumulate in two different pools (one for Command Level Officers and one for Crewman and Junior Officers) empire wide and can be viewed on the Teams\Academy tab of the Economics window.

Multiple academies on the same colony scale linearly and leaders are gained throughout the year (more academies means less time between new leaders). Leader types are randomly chosen, with naval officers being the most common choice. Military Academies are one of the few installations that require no Trans-Newtonian technology.

Shutting Down

Military academies cannot be shut down.