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Naval Shipyard Complex

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Naval Shipyard Complex
Transport Method Must be towed
Pop Required 1,000,000 + 100 per ton per slipway
Total Cost (BP) 2,400
Duranium 1,200
Neutronium 1,200


Naval Shipyard Complexes are orbital installations that allow construction of ships and gunboats (any ship class with a mass over 500 tons). Each shipyard contains one or more slipways, each one allowing for one ship design to be constructed. Each shipyard also has a maximum tonnage limitation, restricting what designs can be built.

Naval shipyards can build any ship, but require more workers and materials than a Commercial Shipyard Complex.

A shipyard produces the racial shipbuilding rate per year per slipway modified by the planetary and sector governor's Shipbuilding bonus. Each naval complex requires a base of 1,000,000 workers, plus an extra 100 per ton of total capacity (capacity times number of slipways). This rate is further modified by the tonnage of any ships being constructed.

Shipyards can be towed to a different colony.

Shutting Down

Shipyards cannot be shutdown in order to free up civilian workers for other industry. However, construction and complex activities can be cancelled or paused in order to save resources. Physically moving the shipyard away from the planet with a Tug will effectively shut down the shipyard, but note that shipyards will disappear if the tug releases them while not in orbit of a colony.

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