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There are several ways to refuel your ships through the Task Groups window (F12)

Refuel from a colony

  • Refueling is instantaneous.
  • on the Task Groups Orders tab, select the colony (System Locations Available pane)
  • select the Refuel from Colony order (Actions Available pane).

Make sure the colony has available fuel in its stockpiles.

Refuel from a tanker

A tanker is a ship whose design has been labelled Tanker by checking the relevant checkbox in the upper right corner of the Class Design (F5) window.

Design tanker 01.jpg

If TG #A is a tanker fleet (contains at least one tanker) and TG #B a non tanker (and presumably short of fuel) fleet, the available orders related to tankers are :

  • For TG #B :
    1. Refuel from target fleet + select TG #A : TG #B refuels from the tankers of TG #A
  • For TG #A :
    1. Refuel target fleet + select TG #B : TG #A refuels TG #B
    2. Refuel from own tankers : there is no second fleet involved. When TG #A executes that order, the tankers in TG #A refuel the non-tankers in TG #A. The order is telling the task group to use its own tanker(s) to refuel itself, useful for example if a battle fleet has a tanker along with additional fuel.

SM Refuel

Obviously, the last way to refuel any ship of your fleet is to enter SpaceMaster_Mode and to SM Refuel at will.