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Sector Command

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Sector Command
Transport Method N/A
Pop Required 0
Total Cost (BP) 2,400
Duranium 600
Boronide 600
Uridium 600
Mercassium 600

Sector Commands are planetary installations that become available after researching Improved Command and Control


Building a Sector Command HQ in a colony allows you to appoint a Civilian Administrator as a Sector Governor.

  • Sector Governors give one quarter of their bonuses, (like mining or factory production), to all colonies in the sector.
  • This is on top of any colonial governor bonuses. For example, a Sector Governor with a 20% bonus to mining will boost mineral production in all colonies in the sector by 5%.
  • The level of a Sector Command and thus its range can be increased by building additional HQs.
  • The range of the Sector increases at a exponentially decreasing rate.
         For example, one(1) Sector Command extends the sector to every system within one(1) jump, 
         two(2) Sector Command extends the sector out two(2) Jumps,
         four(4) Sector Commands are needed to extend the sector out to three(3) Jumps, 
         and eight(8) Sector Commands are needed to extend the sector to four(4) Jumps.

Defining Sector Commands

  • To define sectors, click the Sectors button at the bottom of the Population and Production window.
  • The sector capital is where you have built the Sector Command HQ.
  • A Sector Command HQ cannot be transported.
  • There is a maximum allowed distance, measured in jumps, between the capital and other systems in the sector. Higher levels of sector command headquarters increase this distance.

Required Technology

  • Building a Sector Command HQ requires the Improved Command & Control technology in the Logistics / Ground Combat Tree.