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Terraforming module

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Component Information
Type Core
Class Commercial
Tech Branch Biology / Genetics
Size (HS) 500
Size (Tons) 25000
Production Cost
Build Cost 500
Duranium 250
Boronide 250
Other Information
Crew 100

Like an Asteroid Mining Module, a Terraforming Module is used in lieu of a Terraforming Installation. Unlike Asteroid Mining Modules, however, they can work on any interstellar body. Terraforming Modules produce atmosphere at the same rate as a Terraforming Installation, but as they're manned by crew they don't require infrastructure and population to run. Because of this, it is quite common to see empires that exclusively use Terraforming Modules and completely ignore infrastructure and Terraforming Installations altogether.

In order to use a Terraforming Module, you must first create a colony on the world you plan to inhabit. From the F9 menu, select a habitable planet you want to terraform and establish a colony there. On the Population and Production page (F2), select the new colony and go to the "Environment" tab. Select the gas you want to add or remove, and the terraforming module will begin to add or remove the gas accordingly.


If you have a group of terraformers in orbit, don't send new ships to join that task group. You must send ships to the planet first, then tell them to join the task group, otherwise their production rate won't be added to the total. The same applies to asteroid miners, maintenance vessels, orbital habitats and harvesters.

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