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Troop Transport Bay

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Troop Transport Bays can transport Ground Units.

See the Summary Table on the Ground forces page for unit sizes. Unlike installations, ground forces cannot be split into smaller segments for ease of transport.

Also see Combat Drop Module.


Troop transport bays are large, and slow to load and unload. However they are civilian components, unlike the drop modules.

The base Load/unload time is 10 days for any number brigade-sized troop transport modules. This number can be reduced by cargo handling systems (the load time is divided by 5 times the number of cargo handling systems) by commercial spaceports (load time divided by spaceport level + 1), and by the logistical value of the ship's task force and commander, as well as the governor at the colony where loading or unloading is taking place.


Troop Transport Bay
Size Battalion Company
Size 50 10
Capacity 1 0.2
RP Cost 2,000 2,000