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Survey edit

OK. Agreed that team workings can be left to the other section (though more people will miss it - I know I did when I was looking the other day)

But... If you read the release note is says that the chance is 33% of normal. That sounds lower than normal, no? Am I misreading something? --Havan IronOak

No, I mis-remembered, its good you are paying attention to the source, thanks for the correction. As for the geo team summary it was a good, just in this case am not sure that the orbital survey page was the best page for some of that info. Btw concerning the confusion surrounding the effects of Geo Teams skill, it is because it used to affect survey outcome a while back, and not everyone notices the mechanic overhaul (we updated it only a short while ago), specifically a couple of popular LP's --Mor (talk) 09:37, 4 February 2016 (PST)