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C-Galaxy Mapmode

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Map Features

Auto Arrangement

Galactic Map as of January 1st 2303. BTW I didn't arrange the map - the program arranged the systems as they were discovered and I haven't touched it yet. I still need to do some work on the arrangement code, but obviously better than VB6 right now

Date 17.01.2019

Automatic Pop Selection from Galactic Map

A minor but useful change. If you select a system on the galactic map and then click one of the buttons for the Economics window (Summary, Industry, Research, etc.), the Economics window will open with the most important population in that system (if one exists) already selected. Important in this context uses the same rules as the orders of populations in each system on the Economics tree view.

Date 03.03.2018

Display Options

Maintenance Locations View

There is a new display option on the galactic map to highlight Maintenance Locations. They are displayed as a dashed blue circle.

Date 03.03.2018