Aurora is on version 1.12.0 C#, available at the Aurora Forums.

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CS Aurora:Download & Install

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The latest version of Aurora can be found on the forums. There are two stages to installing Aurora: download the base game, and download any patches.


Aurora versions are labelled vX.Y.Z, where vX.Y.0 represents the latest database patch (for example, v1.9.0) and vX.Y.Z represents the latest executable patch (for example, v1.9.5). One should be aware that database patches are not save game compatible.

Installation for C# Aurora

1) Download the v1.5.1 Full Installation from this forum thread.

a) Unzip it into the folder of your choice (we will call this the Aurora folder)

2) Download the latest database patch (as described above)

a) Delete the file named "AuroraDB.db" in your Aurora folder and replace it with the "AuroraDB.db" from this patch.
b) If there is no following patch, delete the file named "Aurora.exe" and replace it with the matching one from this patch.

3) If there is an executable patch (as described above), download the latest one.

a) Delete the file named "Aurora.exe" and replace it with the matching one from this patch.

System Requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows, however, people have manged to run it under Wine on Linux.

Number format: Aurora is a hobby project coded for use on a UK computer. Therefore, you will need to change your decimal separator to a period, rather than a comma, for optimum performance. Otherwise you will suffer invalid string errors.

Minimum resolution: The minimum resolution required is 1440x900. A higher resolution or multiple monitors will allow you to see more windows at once. There exist some utilities and approved mods that allow you to play the game with a smaller screen.