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Fast Attack Craft

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A Fast Attack Craft (FAC) is any ship between 550 and 1000 tons. While they must be constructed at a shipyard like larger ships, any ship under 1000 tons is not required to have a Bridge, which frees up space for extra weaponry or engine power. Like fighters, FACs are commonly deployed from carriers or planetary bases to limit the amount of fuel they must carry. It can be assigned to a "mothership" on the Individual Unit Details window F6.

Typical FAC types are survey craft based on a jump-capable mothership, small missile boats for colonial defense or sensor scouts for larger fleets.

Their small size limits their fuel capacity. Small size (10-20 HS) can be a combat advantage, though, because active sensors with high resolutions (e.g. 120 HS) will detect them only at low range.

Also see Fighters and Carriers.