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Aurora C#

Aurora C# is the new coded and updated version of Aurora VB6

Forum section C#

This is a Index-List of changes C# get's to the older Aurora versions - it is most likely not complete and all changes, features etc in C# as known today are not finale and may (or better will) chance till the release of C#. I have included only the "C#Aurora Changes List" at the moment - other postings of Steve in other Forum sections I still have to work through.

The text ist just copy/paste from Steve's forum postings (added by some additional formatting for easier legibility), including a link to the topic and the date of last change when copied.

Screenshots (which are only included as a link to the picture at the moment) might be - and will be (!) - outdated.

Index Changes in C# (WIP)

Setting up a new game
Game concept
The Galaxy

Alien Races and Contact with them




Ground Units



  • C-Beam Weapons (all Ship weapons without missiles; including Turrets)
  • C-Missiles (including Launcher, Fighter Pods and Fighter Pod Bays)


Fleet operations, organization and logistics