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Construction Factory

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Construction Factory
Transport Method Cargo Holds
Cargo Size 25,000 tons
Pop Required 50,000
Total Cost (BP) 120
Duranium 60
Tritanium 30
Vendarite 30


Construction Factories (CF) are installations that allow construction of other installations, ship components, infrastructure maintenance supplies and PDCs. Factories can also prefabricate PDC parts, assemble the prefab parts into operational PDCs, refit older PDFs into newer classes and convert mines into Automated Mines.

A construction factory produces the racial construction rate per year modified by the planetary and sector governor's Factory Production bonus and require 50,000 civilians each to operate.

Formula: (Racial Factory Construction Rate) * (Sector Governor Factory Production Bonus * 0.25) * (Planetary Governor Production Bonus)


Factories are managed on the Industry tab of the Economics Screen F2.

New Projects

The Construction Options drop down allows selected the category to build (installations, PDCs, etc.). Missiles and Fighters are constructed by Ordnance Factories and Fighter Factories respectively, everything else is a valid construction option.

Once an item is selected, you can choose the number to construct along with the percentage of industry to devote to the project. If a higher percentage is chosen than is available, the project will enter the queue and will begin when an enough industry has been freed up to meet the percentage requirements.

Current Projects

Clicking on an existing project allows you to change the requested number of items and percentage of industry at anytime. Attempted to set the total percentage of industry used will display an error dialog notifying you of this.

Current projects can also be cancelled, paused or moved into the queue. Paused projects do not release their industry for other projects, so move them into the queue if additional industry is required.

Note:  Selected a new project, then clicking on an existing project and 
finally back on the new project will result in the focus still being granted 
to the existing project. To correct, pick a different new project and then 
back to what you want to build.

Shutting Down

Construction factories can be mass-shutdown via the Civilian / Ind Status tab of the Economics screen. This will immediately shutdown all construction and remove any wealth costs associated with the construction as well as freeing up population for other industries. Shutting down in this way will require a 6-month warm-up time to restart construction.

Construction can also be shutdown on a project by project basis by project basis which has the same effect without incurring the 6-month restart delay. This does not free up any workers for other projects however.


Construction Factories require the standard 25,000 tons of cargo space (5 cargo holds), similar to most installations.

Engineering brigades act as a construction factory on whatever planet they are on. This is included in your total industry and requires no extra population to operate. This allows (slow) construction on unpopulated worlds, useful for assembling PDCs.