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Mass Driver

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Mass Driver
Transport Method Cargo Holds
Cargo Size 25,000 tons
Pop Required 0
Total Cost (BP) 300
Duranium 100
Neutronium 100
Boronide 100

Mass Driver

Mass Drivers are facilities built on planets or transported there that can transport 5000 tons of minerals per year to an intrasystem destination with another Mass Driver.

Function of Mass Drivers

Mass drivers can allow you with minimal micromanagement to set up a main industrial or resource planet in a system. Where all resources are sent to this single planet that arrive in system. You can create a galactic resource chain via mass drivers and transports linking between these Main Resource nodes, all eventually linking back to your Homeworld which should be a thriving industrial base requiring these minerals.

Note that mineral packets cannot travel through Jump Gates. You need freighters for inter-system transport.

How to use Mass Drivers

Mass Drivers are manufactured by Construction Factories. Typically, early in the game this means that they will be built on your home-world. A Mass Driver takes 25,000t of cargo capacity to move, and can be moved just like other installations. Once you have a Mass Driver on a colony with mineral resources, you can set a destination for its mineral packets.

F2 (Population and Production Window) -> Mining and Maintenance Tab

To the right of the mineral report, there is now a drop down menu. Simply select a destination and watch the resources fly.

A Mass Driver can send a limited amount of mineral during a year (depending of its rating), but has an unlimited capacity for receiving.

Mass Driver Genocide

If you build a mass driver on your homeworld, and build or have one on a colony, you have a system of sending and receiving.

If you have your colony send a mineral packet to your homeworld, but while it is en route you deconstruct or move the mass driver off the homeworld, the Mineral Packet will strike your Homeworld with a destructive amount of force, killing millions and making your own population rebel against you.