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Electronic Counter-Counter-Measures. It offsets the effects of enemy ECM by 10% per level, e.g. an ECCM-1 would reduce the effect of an ECM-3 to 20% reduction in fire-control-range instead of 30%.

Unlike ECM components, a ship can have multiple ECCMs. Each ECCM needs to be assigned to a specific fire control. A fire control can have only one ECCM assigned to it.

Similar to ECM, this component does not need to be designed. As soon as you have finished the research, you'll find a new component available in the ship design window.

There is a research line that allows you to build Compact ECCM systems that have the same effects but only a size of 1 HS (50 tons).

Researchable levels: 1-10

Size: 3 HS (150 tons)