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Orbital Habitat Module

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The orbital habitat module is a ship component that provides living space to house 50000 colonists. To be used, the ship must be in orbit of one of your colonies for this, the orbital habitat can neither transport colonists, nor hold a population in deep space. Useful for space stations.

Typically built without engines and towed to its destination by a powerful tug.

Every design that includes an orbital habitat can be built by industry as well as by a shipyard. This can be used to build arbitrarily large industrial bases that could include Terraforming modules, Sorium Harvesters or Asteroid Mining Modules without the need for a shipyard.

After designing the class, retool a shipyard to build it or select "Build PDC/Orbital Habitat" in the industry tab.

To fill them with colonists, just send your colony ships to the planet, or wait for the civilian lines to do it.


If you have a group of orbital habitats in orbit, don't send new habitats to join that task group. You must send ships to the planet first, then tell them to join the task group, otherwise their capacity won't be added to the total. The same applies to sorium harvesters, terraformers, asteroid miners and maintenance vessels.