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Maintenance module

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Component Information
Type Core
Class Commercial
Tech Branch Logistics & Ground Combat
Size (HS) 100
Size (Tons) 5000
Production Cost
Build Cost 200
Duranium 100
Neutronium 100
Other Information
Crew 50
Must be in orbit of a colony with adequate minerals to function.

Maintenance Modules are the shipboard equivalent of a maintenance facility. Like maintenance facilities, they allow for 200 tons of maintenance capacity per module. When a ship with maintenance modules is in orbit of a colony, all maintenance modules on that ship act as though they are ground-based maintenance facilities. Minerals are taken from the colony stockpile to affect the ship maintenance and must be present for the module to function. Maintenance modules do not function away from colonies.

Due to their mobile nature, maintenance modules are ideal for quickly setting up a forward operating base for a military group. As they require no ground population or installation transport, a single ship with adequate maintenance capacity and a Cargo Hold stocked with the appropriate minerals can service a whole fleet for an extended period by approaching an arbitrary system body, unloading the resources in its cargo hold and remaining in orbit.

Maintenance modules can also be installed in PDCs, allowing a slightly more robust base to be rapidly deployed with the aid of a Construction Brigade or two.


If you have a group of maintenance vessels in orbit, don't send new ships to join that task group. You must send ships to the planet first, then tell them to join the task group, otherwise their production rate won't be added to the total. The same applies to asteroid miners, terraformers, orbital habitats and harvesters.